e-Governance in Punjab – Doorstep Towards Success

Today with the revolution of information and communication technologies, our lives are fundamentally changed by mobile phones, computers affecting the way we work, learn and interact. Governments all around the world have started feeling the power of e-Governance and are taking initiatives to implement it. e-Governance in India has steadily evolved from computerization of government departments to initiatives that encapsulate finer points of Governance.

Working in this direction, with the great initiative of the Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab, Sh. Sukhbir Singh Badal, the Government of Punjab proudly launched the Punjab Portal, an important step towards promoting e-Governance in Punjab. This can improve the efficiency of government to deliver its services, strengthen citizen-government relationship and most importantly lead to cost savings of citizens as well as the government.

The portal offers to create a comprehensive and distinct platform for all citizens of Punjab. It rigorously follows the vision of National e-Governance Plan that states “Making all the government services and information easily accessible to everyone”.

This portal provides an entrance to the world of Digital Punjab. It is user-friendly – that means we have taken care of every aspect of what information users want and in the format in which they would require it. We intend providing complete updates of the portal and important happenings in the Punjab Government through a fortnightly newsletter.

As on date, there are 62 services running online under eleven departments of the Government of Punjab. This portal has complete information on the latest happenings in the state and also provides the history along with importance of Punjab in the socio-economic sectors of the nation.

The portal is accessible from the following URL: http://www.punjab.gov.in




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