Senior Citizen and Dependent Children Scheme

The aim of the Senior Citizen Scheme is to give honor, respect and due recognition to the Senior Citizens in the society. The Government is already extending a number of facilities to its senior citizens. In order to avail the benefits under various schemes of the Government, senior citizens are required to have their identity [1]. In order to facilitate them, it is felt necessary to give them Identity Cards so that they can easily get the benefits of these schemes. The request related to sanctioning of Senior Citizen Identity card can be accepted at the Sewa Kendras or through our Punjab portal service. Under this Scheme, any person of the age of 60 years or above and who is a domicile of the Punjab State is eligible to apply for the issuance of Senior Citizen Identity Card which shall be provided free of cost.

Senior citizen identity card holder can get priority in court cases, health care, Finance and Taxations, Banking, Traveling etc. The Identity Card will be valid for five years at a time or till the death of the applicant whichever is earlier.

Another important scheme is Dependent Children Scheme and the purpose of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the children below the age of 21 years through their parents/guardian, whose mother, father or both have passed away or become unfit due to physical/mental disability or loss of parental support. The Monthly income of the applicant should not be more than Rs. 1000/- in case of individual and Rs. 1500/- in couple case. This scheme helps children to follow and achieve their dreams even if they are dependent, due to any reason mentioned above.

Documents required at the time of form submission:

  • Senior Citizen Identity Card
    • If applicant is not permanent resident of Punjab, then only proof of age is sufficient
    • If applicant is permanent resident of Punjab, then proof of age along with residence certificate/domicile is required.
  • Dependent Children Scheme (Both Urban and Rural)
    • Proof of age
    • Recommendation as per Application Form or if any proof available be attached

Proof that husband is missing / divorce/ mentally or physically unable to earn / orphan children.

To apply online for Senior Citizen Identity Card, Click Here

To apply online for Dependent Children Scheme (Urban), Click Here

To apply online for Dependent Children Scheme (Rural), Click Here





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